Life insurance

This is how you show your loved ones that you really love them

“A man who dies without adequate life insurance should have to come back and see the mess he created” – Will Rogers  

We truly believe, if you have anyone who depends on your financial support then this is a must Have policy for you!

Nobody likes to think of dying, therefore many people neglect to buy life insurance to protect their loved ones. Life insurance is your peace of mind in case something were to happen to you; your loved ones will be taken care of, at least financially. 

If you are the sole provider in your family, imagine their life if you passed away suddenly. Life insurance will provide time and options for your family to stand on their feet and continue living a somewhat similar lifestyle. Furthermore, life insurance is designed to help your family, pay off the mortgage and other debt, pay fully or at least partially for kids’ education, and many more things. 

Finally, think of the burial expenses nowadays, do you really want your family to go through this financial burden while grieving your loss? There is a misconception that life insurance is mostly for wealthy individuals. The truth is the more money you have saved, the less life insurance you need. But if you are working, do not have a lot of savings, and your family depends on your income, it is your duty to protect them by purchasing life insurance. 

Even if stay at home parent passes away suddenly, it will place a financial burden on the family. Not only to cover burial costs, but someone will have to replace their role in keeping up the household, shopping, helping with kids’ education, and so on. The bottom line, we are all irreplaceable to our families, but we can at least replace the loss of our income if something was to happened to us by purchasing life insurance policy for the financial protection of our loved ones.

Term Life Insurance

There are so many “financial products” and different kinds of life insurances out there, but the one we recommend and the only one we sell is Term Life insurance! Why? It is very simple, it is the cheapest and the best. You would be surprised how affordable term life policy is for someone without any serious health issues. 

We recommend having coverage anywhere from 10 -12 times your annual earnings. That way, your loved ones can put this money in a very safe mutual fund where the payout can be somewhere between 8-10%. Even though nothing can replace you, this would help your loved ones to replace your income.

Do you have anyone depending on you financially?

Then you need term-life insurance!

For the price of the pizza, you could cover your loved ones in case something happened to you!