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“Sandal insurance has met and exceed my expectations from previous insurers I’ve dealt with both for my wife and my business and personal auto and home insurance needs”  – Sean Urban

It is said that insurance is nothing more than a transfer of risk from you to the insurance company for the assets you can not afford to lose! Home insurance is a perfect example of this. For most, home is the most valuable asset that can not be simply paid for in case of a disaster. As such, your insurance should be built and reflect disaster in mind!

It’s important to understand that no two homeowner’s insurance policies are created equal. Different insurance companies offer different levels of coverage, different endorsements, and riders, and have different conditions and limitations.

At the same time, home insurance doesn’t cover everything! For this reason, here are a few components every insurance policy should include:

Home insurance Coverages

1. Dwelling – Main Structure: This is the most basic coverage that every insurance policy has. It will cover your house in an event such as fire, tornado, hurricane, lightning, vandalism etc. Now, for us Floridians, it’s very important that your coverage includes wind coverage; it’s usually included in your policy, but because it’s the most expensive part of the coverage, we have seen some policies without wind coverage. On the other hand, flood is completely separate coverage and is never included with your hazard insurance.

2. Other Structures on Your Property: This component of the policy covers exactly what it say – other structures. It can be detached garage, tool shed, swimming pool (big here in Florida), fence etc. This coverage is usually represented in the percentage based on your dwelling coverage amount. Fore example, if your dwelling coverage – main house is covered for $2ook and your other structure is 10% of that, this would mean your insurance would pay up to $2ok for all other structures on the property.  

3. Personal Property: Personal property part of your policy coves your personal belongings inside your home. It includes your clothing, furniture, bedding, electronics, money, jewelry, weapons etc. This part of the homeowner’s policy is expressed in percentage of the dwelling amount but it can be personalized to your specific needs. What that means is that you can add certain endorsements depending on your situation. Here are some examples of additional coverages or higher amounts available: jewelry, furs, silverware, weapons, etc… This is the part where a good agent can make a difference. 

4. Liability Coverage: This is another part where a good agent should suggest higher coverage. It is relatively cheep component of the policy but will give you coverage that can be helpful if you’re ever sued. If will cover liability inside and around your home. If you have a pool, this is a must have coverage. Most policies comes with standard liability of $100k but we strongly suggest upping this to $300k. It’s cheep but very important coverage.

5. Additional Living Expenses: This coverage would activate in case you have a major damage to your home, and you are forced to leave your home for a period of time. This coverage  is meant to take care of your temporary living expenses above your normal living expenses. Example would be a cost for a hotel, food, pet care and moving cost. 

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For most people home is the most valuable asset and it should be protected as such!