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Hello there, welcome to our website! My name is Sladjana Lojpur, I am a principal agent at Sandal Insurance. 

My husband and I started our St Pete based insurance agency with one goal in mind: to truly guide people through their finances, particularly something so important as insurance!

Our story began about twelve years ago,  right around the time when the biggest financial crisis hit our state. At that time, both my husband and I worked for corporate America. We were making nice money but struggled to stay above the water with all the loans and financial obligations to the banks. We were simply too starched out and too leveraged but knew there has to be a better way to take care of our finances. 

Right about the time when we thought there’s no help, we came across a program called Dave Ramsey show! Long story short, his teaching and money principles gave us hope that we can do better and be smarter with our money and our finances. In two short years, we sold what we could and paid off the rest. This gave us the financial freedom to do something we thought we would never be able to do; I was able to quit my banking job, stay with our newborn daughter and my husband started his own tax and accounting business.

Fast forward five years, once our daughter started going to kinder garden I was back in the workforce. This time, I explored the insurance industry by working for a large insurance firm. I honed my skills with them for about four years before I felt comfortable, I can do this on my own. Thus, Sandal Insurance was born. 

Today, together with my husband, we run our own independent insurance agency.

Goran and Sladjana
how we try to make a difference

"From what we get we can make a living, what we give however, makes a life" - Winston Churchill

Whether you realize it or not, we are very fortunate in America today. We have more than any generation before us, and more than we really need. For this reason alone, there should be no excuses not to help our fellow neighbors who found themselves in an unfortunate situation.
Here are two ways we try to help:
1. Supporting Individuals 

Thought various community involvement and talking to our clients, we try to keep our eyes and ears open for good people who had something unfortunate happened to them. These are people just like you and I, but life threw them a curve-ball.  

2. Supporting Organizations 

Sometimes, local organizations are just in better position to help our community more than any one individual. For this reason, when we come across the  organization that we like, we try to do our part and help any way we can. Sometimes it’s financial help, but often times we role up our sleeves and give our most precious resource – time!  

Local Organizations we support:

Do you know an individual or Organization in need of help?

Let's help someone together ....

Please click on the  “make suggestion” on the right to send us a short note about someone who you think can use some love!